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Faster delivery times for the S117 system

Jessica Nossek
Jessica Nossek Kommunikationsreferentin Paul Horn GmbH el 24 de septiembre de 2020 16:08 horas

Paul Horn GmbH is offering a new delivery service specifically for the S117 grooving system. With immediate effect, special versions can now be delivered within five working days. To facilitate this, Horn has further optimised its existing Greenline process so that users can quickly get their hands on the appropriate tool holders in addition to the profiled insert itself. This ensures that the tool holder provides stable support even when the insert profiles are complex. With the Greenline service, the customer receives the quotation – including a proposed drawing of the insert and holder – within two working days of submitting an enquiry along with a drawing of the component. After placing the order, the customer then receives the final drawing within 48 hours so that it can be approved. Following approval, Horn delivers the special tools within a further five working days. The Greenline service is available for quantities of between 3 and 20 inserts and 1 or 2 tool holders.

Horn offers the tools in profile widths of 10 mm (0.394"), 12 mm (0.472"), 16 mm (0.630"), 20 mm (0.787"), 26 mm (1.024"), 32 mm (1.260") and 45 mm (1.811"), and they are precision-ground to create the special shape required for the application concerned. The maximum profile depth is dependent on the required cutting width. The tool coating is specially selected for each application and is available for the material groups P, M, K and N. The square shank holders can be supplied in sizes ranging from 10 x 10 mm (0.394 x 0.394") to 32 x 32 mm (1.260 x 1.260") as standard.  

Greenline orders must be started at Horn within one half of a shift, on the next machine that becomes available. This tight time frame helps to maintain an hourly rhythm for entering orders into the system and for the internal provision of raw materials. When order information is entered online, order-specific data (such as part quantities, tool type and coating) and other relevant parameters are automatically compared with the Greenline requirement criteria stored in the system. The system then decides whether or not the order qualifies for the Greenline service. The production route to be followed, including the time schedule, is also defined as part of this decision. The work preparation department starts processing the order data within an hour and then generates the production sequence and orders for the production department – providing the basis for the precisely timed hourly process.

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