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Máquinas usadas Gear Tester Lead

Pitch testers are special measuring devices used to determine the pitch of threads and screws. The pitch of a thread or screw is the distance a point on the thread travels in the axial direction per revolution. There are several types of pitch testers, but generally they work in a similar manner. The device is placed on the thread or screw, and then a dipstick or needle is inserted into the threads. The device can then calculate the pitch of the thread by measuring the distance the needle travels when the thread is turned once. There are also electronic pitch testers that can provide greater accuracy and precision. These devices can measure and display the pitch of the thread in a very accurate manner. Pitch testers are used in various industries, especially in the manufacturing of machinery and mechanical components. They are essential for producing threads and screws with the correct pitch to ensure proper function and assembly of the components.

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