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Máquinas usadas Section Benders (Horizontal)

A horizontal profile roll is a type of machine tool used to produce metal profiles. The machine consists of a horizontal shaft that is usually supported by a series of profile rollers. The profile rollers are shaped to form the metal sheet or strip that passes through the roller into the desired shape. The rolls in a horizontal profile roll are often interchangeable so that different profile shapes can be created. The rolls may also be available in different sizes and designs, depending on the requirements of the particular application. A horizontal profile roll can be used in a variety of industries, including the production of roof and wall panels, ducts, pipes and other metal profiles. The machine can also be combined with other machine tools, such as cutting tools or drills, to create complete production lines for metal products. Modern horizontal profile rolls are often computer-controlled and offer greater precision and efficiency than older, manually operated machines. They may also be equipped with sensors and other monitoring systems to ensure that production runs smoothly and that the profiles produced meet the required quality standards.

Roundo R3 Profile Bender horizontal + Vertical
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Roundo R3 Profile Bender horizontal + Vertical
Section Benders (Horizontal)

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