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Máquinas usadas Knuckle Joint Presses (2 or 4 columns)

Articulated presses are presses that have an articulated connection between the ram and connecting rod. This allows them to optimize the transmission of power between the drive and the ram, while providing greater mobility and flexibility in operation. Articulated presses come in a variety of designs, including 2- and 4-column versions. The 2-column articulated presses consist of an upper and lower column connected by an articulated joint. A drive system moves the ram up and down, with power transmitted through a connecting rod connected to the ram joint. The working range of these presses is usually limited, as the ram cannot be completely withdrawn from the working area of the workpiece. The 4-column articulated presses are similar in design to the 2-column articulated presses, but have four uprights that extend the working area and provide greater stability and precision. The design allows greater freedom in tool placement and improves accessibility to hard-to-reach areas of the workpiece. Articulated presses are used in a variety of applications, including metalworking, plastics processing and rubber processing. They are ideal for applications where high forces are needed to machine the workpiece, while flexibility and precision are required.

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