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Máquinas usadas Labelling machines

Labeling machines are an important part of filling technology and are used to apply labels to various types of products or packaging. Labels can contain product information such as ingredients, nutritional information, origin and expiration date, or can be used for branding and advertising. There are several types of labeling machines, including self-adhesive labeling machines, wet glue labeling machines, and hot glue labeling machines. Each type of machine has its specific advantages and disadvantages, depending on the requirements of the application. Modern labeling machines are often fully automated and can handle high production speeds. They can also be coupled with other machines such as filling and sealing machines to ensure a seamless production process. In addition, labeling machines can be equipped with various technologies such as printing and vision systems to meet specific requirements, such as the production of barcodes, QR codes and other product identification systems.

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