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Máquinas usadas Associated Solvent cleaning equipment

Connected solvent cleaning is a method of cleaning parts and workpieces by using solvents. In this method, the parts are placed in a special cleaning unit filled with a solvent such as acetone, alcohol or similar. The parts are then washed around by the solvent, thereby removing dirt, grease or other contaminants. The parts are then removed from the system and dried. Connected solvent cleaning is often used in industrial applications where fast and effective cleaning of parts is required. It is particularly well suited for cleaning metallic surfaces, plastics and delicate materials. However, it is important to note that the use of solvents in this method can be associated with certain risks. Solvents are often volatile and highly flammable substances that can pose a risk to the health of operators and the environment. Therefore, appropriate safety measures must be taken to ensure safe handling and disposal of the solvents.

Trockenreinigungsmaschine AT Baunataler Werkstätten
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Trockenreinigungsmaschine AT Baunataler Werkstätten
Associated Solvent cleaning equipment