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IMS Software, Inc.
Software para simulaciones NC


IMSce provides robust controller emulation for all types of CNC controllers on the market today. Full support for controller variables, subprograms, expressions, canned cycles, probing, and more ensures the most accurate and robust simulation available in the industry.

CATIA V5 and V6 from Dassault Systemes provide a unique integrated approach allowing G-code validation without leaving the CAM environment. The IMSce controller emulation capability provides the machine motion while checking for syntax and logic errors and alerting the user when they occur.

Unlike IMS products, most CAM software provides NC verification with material removal and, in some cases, machine simulation. But this normally checks only the toolpath generated by the software. The operations that take place between the CAM system and the machine (postprocessing to convert the toolpath to the correct format; optimization for speeds, feeds, retraction, and reorientation at machine limits; or, simply hand-editing by the operator) can introduce conditions that can be costly if not identified before the part is on the machine.

IMSce solves this problem. Controller emulation provides processing of machine-specific G and M-code, allowing the integrated verification and simulation within CATIA V5 and V6 to check the actual data that will drive the machine, not just the toolpath as generated by the CAM system.
Software para simulación NC
IMS Software, Inc.
Software para simulaciones NC
IMSverify provides a unique NC verification solution to check the postprocessed code that will run on the machine. This goes beyond simple APT or CL file verification within the CAM system. Verification of the actual G-code that will run on the machine provides you with complete confidence that the part will be cut correctly.

Complex machining operations and multi-axis machines increase the risk for programming errors that can result in incorrect or incomplete material removal, interference between machine components and fixtures, and damage to the part and/or machine.

Full Machine Simulation
Full machine simulation with clash detection allows for accurate analysis of the complete machining environment. This includes all machine components, fixtures, tools, and tool holders.

Solids-Based Material Removal
True solids-based simulation gives you the most accurate verification of material removal. With IMSverify, you import stock and fixture information as solids from your CAM system. Then, you save the resulting parts from the simulation as solids as in-process stock or for comparison to the original design data.

Integrated with IMSpost
The integration of IMSverify with IMSpost provides a unique analysis tool. In a single, intuitive interface, you can simultaneously view the CAM system data (APT), G-code from the postprocessor, and the material removal. You will step through the process and see exactly what is happening, and precisely how to address any issues using:
• Breakpoints (at specific blocks, tool changes, conditions)
• Dynamic rotation, pan, and zoom while cutting
• Synchronized APT, G-code, and material removal
• Full multi-axis support, including RTCP and working planes
• Detailed representation of tool, tool holder, stock, clamps, and fixtures
• Solids-based material removal with advanced visualization, including realistic shading and user control of color, transparency, and error highlighting
• Full machine simulation including clash detection
• Complete mill-turn support including synchronization of multi-channel controls

The same postprocessor development technology used in IMSpost allows for complete customization of the controller emulator in IMSverify--to support every feature of your CNC control.
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