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AMF Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG
Máquinas y equipos para sellado y marcado
AMF-Writer... and your machine will mark economically

The AMF-Writers are tools for the permanent marking of workpieces. They are preferably clamped in Weldon chucks and mounted in the machine spindle of a CNC machine.

Marking is a chieved by a combination of material compaction and compression. With the special needle, engraving is produced as if by rolling by means of an extremely hard ball bearing. The tool can be used with our without spindle rotation.

Due to the special design and a high quality support bearing, this tool can provide even and high quality marking without height adjustment of the machine spindle on smooth, uneven and rough surfaces with a eviation between 3 and 7mm. The tool is infinitely adjustable to for use on different materials, surface hardness and depth of marking. Used on the surface of 45 HRC hardened steel a marking distance of more than 70 km is possible wear free.
  • Product overview AMF-Marker
  • AMF marking tool in use
  • AMF marking tool in use
  • AMF marking tool in use
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  • marking on plastics