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Asociación Maquinaria Textil Webinar


Textile Reinforced Concrete - The Future of Sustainable Building

02.09.2021, 14:00 CEST
Duración: 90 Minutos

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Concrete is the most used construction material in building industry worldwide, but is also the main driver for CO²-emissions. Textile concrete is clearly superior to classic reinforced concrete both economically and functionally. Textile concrete products are lighter and thinner, requiring up to 80% less concrete compared to classic reinforced concrete due to the corrosion-free nature of textile reinforcements.

Agenda sobre 02.09.2021

14:00 CEST
14:00 CEST

Welcome & introduction

Boris AbadjieffVDMA Textile Machinery Association
14:10 CEST
14:10 CEST

Production technologies for textile reinforced concrete - today and tomorrow

Typical production technologies and textile reinforcements will be shown as well as their dependencies on the intended application. An outlook on future production technologies, as 3D-printing of concrete and fiber reinforcements, will be given.

Más información: https://www.ita.rwth-aachen.de/

Dr. Magdalena KimmITA – Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University
14:30 CEST
14:30 CEST

Non-metallic reinforcement for sustainable concrete applications

By using carbon-, glass or basalt-reinforcements concrete structures can be designed much more slender, durable and ressource-saving than standard steel-reinforced constructions. The presentation shows what kind of reinforcements are on the market already, which are future possibilites as well as obstacles in todays building industry.

Más información: https://solidian.com/

Dr. Christian KulasSolidian
14:50 CEST
14:50 CEST

Eco-system for Textile Reinforced Concrete applications in the Building and Construction Sector in India and South East Asia

India and many South East Asian countries face serious challenges with corrosion of conventional reinforcement due to the tropical climate. Further on non-existance of proper building code for integration of textiles as reinforcements is an operational challenge. At Raina Industries, the constant endevour is to create an eco-system for the application of this new material in facades, street furniture, modular components and marine applications.

Más información: http://www.raina-industries.com/

Mohit Raina
15:10 CEST
15:10 CEST


Thomas WaldmannVDMA Textile Machinery Association


Boris Abadjieff
VDMA Textile Machinery Association
Mohit Raina
Dr. Christian Kulas
Thomas Waldmann
VDMA Textile Machinery Association
Dr. Magdalena Kimm
ITA – Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University