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TECO Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG
Westring 1
40721 Hilden
+49 2103 3682-14
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Planeador de ruta

Gear Grinding Machine HOEFLER H 2500/3100

Base para la negociación
D-40721 Hilden NRW

  • Número de referencia 1007-6068
    Fabricación 74
    Horas en funcionamiento Sin resultados
  • Metal working machine
  • Gear Cutting Machines
  • dimensions of the machine ca.:12 x 9,1 x 5,4 m
    total power requirement:140 KVA
    grinding wheel hole diameter:127 mm
    max. dia. of grinding wheel:500 / min. 300 mm
    table load:15 t
    table diameter:1400 mm
    number of teeth:24-768
    pressure angle min.:14,5
    pressure angle max.:31
    grinding wheel peripheral speeds::35 oder/or 45 m/s
    max.helical angle:35 °
    stroke position adjustment:300 mm
    grinding slide stroke:1200 mm
    min. wheel diameter:500 mm
    weight of the machine ca.:82 t
    max. module:32
    gear width:1160 mm
    max. wheel diameter:3100 mm
    flange: 1
    grinding wheels: 26
    - Electro-dynamic grinding wheel balancing unit: 1
    sundry spare parts:
    Pitch testing device EVTM with data processing device AAK: 1

    CNC High Speed Gear Grinding Machine HÖFLER H 2500/3100 1974/1994 1994 completely reconditioned and retrofitted by HÖFLER and change to 10-axes CNC, extension of the diameter on 3100 mm, see also separate listing of the work, value approximately ? 400,000, - The universal profile grinder HOEFLER for gear wheels and pinions secures high accuracies by wear-free hydrostatic storage of grinding slide, workpiece slide and workpiece table. All corrections which are necessary for gear wheels can become grinded, also height and width crowning. The machine has a highly exact duplex partial worm gear and table spindle in special accuracy. Main features: -Full-CNC with color screen for 10 axes: -X-/C-axes: generating-component -Y-axes: diameter adjustment -Z-axes: stroke positioning + length -U- / W- / O- / Q-axes: dressing device -V-axes : compensation of dressing amount -B-axes: helix angle -With cooling, but without evaporator -Pitch testing device EVTM: The EVTM is suitable for use on gear cutting and measuring machines for checking the following: Tooth to tooth pitch errors, spacing errors, accumulated pitch errors, pitch span variations. Working range: module 1 - 40 mm, max. gear diameter: unlimited.

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