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Máquinas usadas Peripheral devices

Peripherals are hardware components that connect to a computer or other electronic device to enhance or improve its functionality. These include: Keyboards and mice - for entering data and navigating the operating system and applications. Monitors - to display visual content, including text, graphics and video. Printers and scanners - for creating and digitizing documents and images. External hard drives and USB sticks - for storing and transferring data. Speakers and headsets - for outputting audio content, such as music and speech. Webcams and microphones - for recording audio and video conferences. Graphics tablets - for inputting drawings and sketches. Gamepads and joysticks - for controlling video games. Network adapters - for connecting to wireless or wired networks. Card readers - for reading memory cards, such as SD cards or SIM cards. These are just a few examples of peripherals. There are many other types of peripherals that can interact with a computer or other electronic device in various ways to enhance or improve its functionality.

EPSON G10 854P
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EPSON G10 854P
Peripheral devices
Vacuum chamber inner space 80x45x35xcm
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MOTOMAN UP20-6 MT1-1000 TRDS-1150
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Ultrasonic generator BRANSON Series 8500 model S8525-48
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Granulate drying unit COLORTRONIC
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