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TECO Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG
Westring 1
40721 Hilden
+49 2103 3682-14
+49 2103 3682-20

Planeador de ruta

Planeador de ruta

Gear Shaper MAAG SH 250/300 S

Base para la negociación
D-40721 Hilden NRW

  • Número de referencia 1007-6390
    Fabricación 1983
    Horas en funcionamiento Sin resultados
  • Metal working machine
  • Gear Cutting Machines
  • MAAG
  • max. wheel diameter:3080 mm
    min. wheel diameter:200 mm
    gear width:670 mm
    gear width:870 (Drehklappe) mm
    max. module:25 (Profilfräser)
    max. module:50 (Generating-Fräser)
    max. number of teeth:1000
    min. number of teeth:12
    tool length - max.:ca. 312 mm
    max. ram stroke:700 mm
    min. ram stroke:70 mm
    depth of hole:1200 mm
    dividing plate diameter:1116 mm
    table bore diameter:420 mm
    table travel max.:2 x 460 = 920 mm
    ram stroke speed:3,2 - 40 m/min.
    table load:15000 kg
    Ram strokes per shifting:8 - 150
    clamping table diameter:1100 mm
    helical adjustment of ram:unbeschränkt °
    max.helical angle:35 (Drehklappe) °
    power capacity:71 kW
    weight of the machine ca.:38000 kg
    dimensions of the machine ca.:6550 x 4275 x 3310 mm
    chip conveyor: 1
    Swivelling cutter holder DS-250: 1
    Local rim support (bed mounted): 1
    Local rim support (swivel head mounted): 1
    Work base plate Ø 2600 mm: 1
    Longitudinal correction device for 0,2 mm max. relief: 1

    The machine is practically new and will be delivered with a precision chart. Cutting quality DIN 7! The main characteristics of the machine are excellent accuracy and high versatility in producing external gears, internal gears, herringbone gears, double helical gears and gear racks. The outstanding economy of the MAAG SH 250/300 S derives from the high metal removal rate (for material until 1400 N/mm2 and 400 HB) and simplicity of form and long tool life of the roughing cutter, which keeps the tooling costs extremely low. After the roughing operation, the gear teeth are finished machined in the same set-up by the generating method. And that makes it in most of all cases possible, to avoid grinding. With the full swivel cutter ram, any desired helix angle can be set. The finishing generating operation yields a very good tooth accuracy in short machining time. The machining cycles for the plunge cut and the generating operations take place automatically. The vertical working range is so large that even double-helical gears can usually be completely machined without altering the set-up. The cutter ram is driven by a DC reversible motor via a 7-start spindle. The machine is equipped with a swivelling cutter holder DS-250. Helical gears or double helical gears with a small run-out groove could be cut by a helical rack shaped cutter. When using the swivelling cutter holder for cutting gears with great helix angles the ram stroke could be highly reduced.

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