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Plataformas robotizadas móviles

Sistema de robot móvil HelMo

TX2-90, TX2-90L, TX2-90XL
350 °
0° / ± 90° / 180 °
16,8 °/s
4 Werkzeuge pro Ablagestation
± 10 mm, 1 °
890 x 1120 x 1000 mm (B x H x T)
3 (360° Überwachungsbereich)
150 mm
1 x 230 VAC / 16 A
WLAN, LAN, Feldbussysteme (1)
Druckluft, Energieversorgung, 2x Cat5e, 25 x 1 mm² Kontakte
4,8 kWh
0,75 l (2) / 8 bar
710 kg
HelMo is the new generation of high-performance mobile robot systems that work fully autonomously, with the ability to navigate a diverse array of working environments, gather their own materials and then carry out the work.

HelMo represents the next level of Man-Robot Collaboration, whereby robots mix with human beings and work together with them or handle monotonous tasks on their own.

The mobile robot system HelMo is an autonomously driving and navigating vehicle that has been developed especially for human-robot-collaboration.

Three integrated laser scanners are permanently monitoring the system`s surrounding and ensure precise navigation and safety. In combination with the new TX2 robot and the CS9 robot controller including features like safe speed, safe stop and safe zone/safe tool a safe collaboration is guaranteed.

To work at different locations during its operation the system is equipped with multi couplings, tool changing system and tool station. Thanks to its modular structure and robust drive technology it can be used in almost every industrial sector like provisioning, logistics, assembly or quality control.

Even more, the system charges during its work by connecting itself to a docking station.