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Michael Saling Maschinen GmbH
Industriestrasse 6
22885 Barsbüttel
+49 (0)40 757376
+49 (0)40 75661933

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Injection blow molding machine BEKUM SBM 340

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  • Número de referencia 1116-000025640
    Fabricación 1989
    Horas en funcionamiento Sin resultados
  • Plastics, rubber and rubber processing
  • Blow moulding machine

  • 1 used Injection Blowing Machine BEKUM SBM 340 Technical data according to manufacturer: Injection mold: 400 kN 126 mm Blow mold: 50 kN 126 mm Drying cycle: 24 min Stroke: 126 mm Shape thickness: 2 x 127 mm Distance of the mold plates: 380 mm Mold dimensions max: 590 x 430 x 254 mm (including guide frame) Material type: PS Screw diameter: 45 mm Screw length: 20.1 Screw stroke: 200 mm Displacement: 318 cm³ Shot weight: 287 g Specific injection pressure max: 1400 bar Dosing quantity at max. Speed: 36 g / s Screw speed adjustable max: 290 min Screw torque at 140 bar: 1900 Nm Hydraulic pump: 37 kW Heating: 12 kW Mold temperature control: 3.6 kW Pneumatic operating pressure: 8-10 bar Air requirement: 1000 Nl / min Cooling requirement: 158000 kJ / h Weight: 7.8 to z. Zt. Set up for small containers similar TippEX container Machine description according to the manufacturer's order confirmation: 1 injection unit type ES 600/100 consisting of: - Plasticizing cylinder with 4 adjustable heating zones - Slug - screw ratio length to diameter 20: 1 with a screw diameter of 45 mm, for PE, PP, PC, PVC, PETP, etc. with sliding gate and return valve, for PVC with flange connection for distributor, equipped for open nozzle. The worm drive is carried out with a controllable hydraulic motor. - Machine frame - rotary table with proportional-hydrr.-rotary drive, 3 stations for receiving the injection and blow mold and the hydr. confirmed ejector, internal and external mandrel cooling - complete pneumatic equipment for blowing air and control air - separate, easily accessible and low-maintenance hydraulic unit next to the machine frame - Control cabinet including all electrical control with programmable exhaust control, electrical installation and wiring, digital timing for adjustment the process-related times, with visual-acoustic signaling device for fault indication and the required number of heating zones - Electro-hydraulic protection fuse according to the VDE and ICE regulations - Distributor blocks for mold

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