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PKD Fresa monobloque
PKD Fresa monobloque
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Jakob Lach GmbH & Co. KG
Fresas de planear
PKD Fresa monobloque
Monoblock Diamond Milling Cutter for face and square angle milling of all aluminium alloys
Another innovation of LACH-DIAMANT for the automotive and accessories industry ? for greater productivity and economic efficiency
? due to the compact precise design and resulting in a higher number of teeth
? extremely high cutting speeds (HSC) and feeds from 0.05 to 0.20 mm per tooth
? large depths of cut
? suitable for roughing ? finishing ? fine finishing
? no annoying cutting edge adjustments
? maximum tool life and cutting edge stability due to special PCD diamond qualities
? multiple life time of diamond cutting edges ? i.e. production capacity ? through the LACHDIAMANT regrinding service

Other special advantages of the »dia-compact« design:
? no storage of spare parts necessary, as is necessary for traditional insert systems
? integrated coolant supply
? wear-resistant flute for chips
? special dimensions and other types of cutting edges available upon request

In November 2004, when LACH DIAMANT was awarded the Hessian Innovation Prize for a newly developed technology for the cost and time efficient machining of aluminium components with a monoblock diamond cutter »dia-compact«, it was already said "Nothing is more efficient than this...".
However, there was still something more efficient ? as proven by the development of »Cool Injection-Plus», cooling directly via the PCD cutting insert.
Today, maximum tool life, extremely high cutting results and feed rates are taken for granted by leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers due to the use of LACH DIAMANT's monoblock milling cutters.
In addition, perfect surface quality and part accuracy have been achieved ? followed by reductions of cycle time by 50% and more.
The PCD monoblock milling cutter by LACH DIAMANT is completely mounted and balanced, delivered with an adapter of your choice and it can be immediately used on a machine, without adjustments.
  • Monoblock PCD Milling Cutter