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HD Werkzeugmaschinenhandel


HD Werkzeugmaschinenhandel GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Straáe 1
35460 Staufenberg
+49 (0) 6406 831410
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Planeador de ruta

Planeador de ruta

Coating Line KRUEGER

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  • Número de referencia 1113-70004
    Fabricación 2001
    Horas en funcionamiento Sin resultados
  • Metal working machine
  • Surface Treatment, Finishing Plant & Equipment
  • Powder Coating, Wet Paint Plant & Equipment
  • charge load:
    number of charges per hour:
    drum diameter: mm
    total power requirement: kW
    weight of the machine ca.:25 t
    dimensions of the machine ca.:27 x 7 x 5 m

    Name of the plant: Automatic Mn phosphating plant for coating UI - P parts Technical specifications: machine dimensions Plant: L x W x H 27 m x 7 m x 5 m Control cabinet: L x W x H 6.6 m x 0.6 m x 2.0 m Weight: Phosphating plant without bath filling and auxiliary equipment approx. 25 t Bathing sequence and temperatures. Loading / unloading Alk. Cleaning 1 65 ° C Alk. Cleaning 2 65 ° C Static rinses RT Rinse 1 RT Rinse 2 RT Pickling HCl RT Rinse 1 RT Rinse 2 RT Ready-to-use rinse VE RT Activate 40 ° C Phosphating 95 ° C Rinse 1 VE RT Rinse 2 VE RT Ready-to-use rinse VE RT Preserve 80 ° C Drying 110 ° C Energy data: · electrical power: Operating voltage: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 / PEN Control voltage: 24 V DC / 220 V, 50 Hz Connected load: Switchgear - 630 A Switchgear exhaust air - 63 A Hot water switchgear - 630 A · City water Operating pressure 4 bar Installation: PN 10 Connection: DN 32 Consumption: Refers to the process setting. · VE water: Operating pressure: 2 bar Installation: PN 10 Connection: DN 40 · Sewage: Connection: via lifting stations, separated according to: acidic / alkaline concentrates acid / alkaline rinse water UF oily waters IA circulatory water · Compressed air (network) Operating pressure 6 bar Installation PN 10 Connection DN 32 Performance data of the plant: The throughput results from the process sequence and the utilization of the Dolly. Cycle time approx. 10 minutes. Exhaust air - exhaust performance: The baths Pos .: 09; 10; 11; 13; 14; 18; 19; 24; 25; 26 are separated by means of Suction pads sucked off. These positions and pos. 23 will be additional Sucked stationary over the trolley. Exhaust air volume: 18,000 m³ / h Supply air volume: 6,000 m³ / h emissions: Airborne sound: A-weighted equivalent continuous sound pressure level at the Workplace <80 dB (A). business General / plant concept. The phosphating plant is arranged in a single row. The process baths are after chemical and thermal loading from PP or precious sheet metal and equipped according to their function. The goods are dried in circulating air dryers at 110 ° C. At one end is a goods store and the loading and unloading station. The loading and unloading station has a lifting device, a lowering allows the bogie in the loading height. The loading and unloading of the bogies is done by hand. The system has an integrated maintenance gear. This is to be entered via front-side closed doors. Entering the maintenance cycle is only allowed when the system is shut down. A panel is attached along the system. All process baths have an edge suction and a stationary one Extraction via the trolley. The exhaust air passes a scrubber before it enters the open air. Two transport vehicles take over the transport of goods in the plant. They are controlled by a PLC and higher-level computer. The operator terminal is located outside the plant. Here is the workplace of the operator.

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