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GK Werkzeugmaschinen


GK Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Lindenstraáe 21
64584 Biebesheim
06158 8286712
06158 86931

Planeador de ruta

Planeador de ruta

CNC Lathe - Inclined Bed Type KRAFT SA-35 | SA-40 | SA-45

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  • Número de referencia 1124-91095
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  • Metal working machine
  • Lathes
  • CNC lathes (3 axes)
  • :SA-35 | SA-40 | SA-45
    turning diameter:890|1020|1145 mm
    turning length:700/1200/1700/2200/3200/4200/5200 mm
    control:Siemens 828D
    spindle nose:A2-11/A2-15/A2-20/A2-28/A2-32
    spindle bore:153/230/255/318/360/410/535/610 mm
    spindle speeds:20-1200/16-700/13-600/14-450/12-400/10-350/8-300/4-220 1/min
    rapid travel - longitudinal/face:8/10 m/min
    cross feed:0,001~250 mm/min.
    feed in z-axis:0,001~400 mm/min
    dia of ball screw:50 mm in X-Achse / 80 mm in Z-Achse
    tool turret:10-/12-fach
    tool taper:VDI 40/50 oder Schaft
    tool holder -shaft diameter:32x32 mm
    diameter tailstock quill:235 mm
    :200 mm
    tailstock quill taper MT:6
    spindle drive:37/45 (50/60 opt.) kW
    servo motor X-axis:4,5 (6 opt.)
    servo motor Z-axis:4,5 (6 opt.) kw
    weight of the machine ca.:16,5t für Spitzenweite 700mm (weitere 500mm: 2,2t) t
    CNC controller:Siemens/Fanuc/Fagor
    central lubrication:
    workshop light:
    coolant system:
    chip conveyor:
    levellig elements:
    air conditioner for cabinet:
    technical documentation in German language:
    fully enclosed:
    steady rests:manuell und hydraulisch
    boring bar holder:
    tool measuring system:
    counter spindle:
    hydr. chuck and tailstock sleeve:

    Solid slant bed esures the lathe´s accuracy stability even in the situation of heavy cutting. Wide span rectangle sliding guides possess strong ability of anti-bending, anti-twisting and anti-overturning. Applied abrasion-proof material of low friction coefficient and cooperated with the optimum positioning accuracy even in rapid feeding. Straight line rolling guides meet the requirements of high speed and high efficiency, reduce friction resistance and thermal deformation, improve machining accuracy and ensure long period stability of machining accuracy. Due to fact that Servomotors of X-axis and Z-axis are connected directly with precision ball screws through can be obtained elastic coupling and obtained high precision.

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