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BTT Bosetti Tech Transfer


BTT Bosetti Tech Transfer
Sch”nblick 2
75228 Ispringen

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Planeador de ruta

tool presetter ELBO Controlli Amon Ra 106 V

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  • Número de referencia 1070-900181
    Fabricación 2009
    Horas en funcionamiento Sin resultados
  • Metal working machine
  • Measuring and testing equipment
  • Other Measurement Machines
  • tool diameter:600 mm
    tool length - max.:600 mm
    tool taper:HSK 100
    Tool taper:ISO / BT / IT / HSK / Capto / VDI
    digital measuring device for 2 axis:0,001 mm

    The ELBO Amon Ra 106V is a Servo controlled Tool Presetting machine with interchangeable spindle for highest precision.
    Actually there is a HSK-A 100 spindle installed.
    Via DNC System tool offset data can be transferred directly to the offset page of the machine tool.
    DXF tool data drawings can be superimposed directly.
    Tool contour projections can be stored and exported as DXF file.
    Also included is an innovative measurement function for angle head tools to calculate radius /diameter of tool, while coordinating the axis rotation center.

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